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I think that was the title of a craft show that came on non-cable tv, the girl was always making kind of cool new stuff out of old stuff and she drove a sweet classic car...anyway point is I'M so crafty!! Here's my second craft project completed, the DIY camera bag. I was schlepping all of my gear to my parents to do some lovey-type pictures and there just wasn't enough room in my little standard bag(I probably could have left some things home, but you just never know...). I had seen tutorials for these in a couple of places, and then Joann's had a TON of coupons a couple of weeks ago so I got the foam and fabric for less than $10 (I already had the bag from a purse party, and the glue gun, and I got a cardboard box free from the grocery store).
I made some adjustments to fit my needs as far as compartments go, and also left room to be able to stick my hand in the side where there are pockets(already made into the bag) for lip gloss and room to slide my wallet in there.

I had some trouble with the measurements as far as making the sides big enough to stand up but small enough to fit inside the bag. I've got no pointers on that either, it was just kind of trial and error with my starting measurements being that of the actual bag. That part and the covering the foam with cloth took a lot longer than I anticipated. Maybe because I am a perfectionist, but the total time from cutting(and re-cutting) the foam to done was about 3 hours.
This bag was originally kind of a hobo style bag, so I glued some cardboard to my outside and floor foam to give it stability before wrapping in fabric. I also did not make the inside dividers attach to anything, they fit together pretty snugly and that way if what I want to carry changes I can move them around or make another "wall" to fit what I want. I also used 1 inch thick foam instead of 1/2 inch, for more security and to give it shape.
While I'm not the original creator of this idea, I'm happy to help anyone with questions about doing their own!

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Melanie said...

CUTE!!! Oh my goodness, I LOVE this bag! Great idea, and I love the colors!!

Please stop by if you have time. I'm writing about 31 Days to Love your Neighbor....

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