31 Days of my XTi | Day 6 - A-DEP

Last mode in the creative zone: A-DEP!
I had never even tried out this mode before starting this project, so yay me for sticking to learning something new about my camera!! I had to go to the manual and my favorite XTi book to learn some more about this mode, and here's what I've summed up after reading and trying it out:
A-DEP makes sure that all of the subjects in your photo are in focus. The camera detects your subjects when you press the shutter half way, and denotes them by blinking red focus points over them. If it hasn't chosen the right ones then you move around and half-shutter again. From my manual it seems this is best used when all of your subjects are not on the same plane(people are not all standing in a straight line, for example). I probably could have used this on a couple of shots of my daughter, I did some pretty close shots of her face but because her head was tilted one eye was in sharp focus and the other was not.
Here are my tries at using this, even using A-DEP it took quite a few tries before I felt all 3 were in focus, but after doing the same(well, almost) shot in full auto I can definitely see the difference.

I also found that in A-DEP I couldn't use the flash, where in full auto the camera forced the use of flash.
Did you try this mode out? Have any suggestions or tips? Leave me some love folks!!

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insideways said...

I use a Canon XTi too and I've been following your challenge while writing my own 31 Day challenge about general photography tips.

I just talked about aperture, which is the control featured in A-DEP in my blog. It has to do with controlling exposure and depth of field and is a SUPER fun feature for the Canon XTi cameras :)


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