Changing it up a little

I finally got around to changing the blog up a bit. Two reasons really...because I am easily bored looking at the same thing(just ask Hubs who gets to help me rearrange our furniture monthly), and because I will be linking it to my business site, so I want it to be pretty too. I got this blog design from Nymphont, and then just adjusted my header I already had(made by me) to match the color scheme until I can find the time to make something new.  Best parts about it, it was FREE and it was very easy to install!
Next exciting thing happening over here is that I downloaded the trial version of Lightroom 3. I am so excited to get started trying to use it! I anticipate that at the end of the 30 days I'll buy it, especially since they have an awesome discount for students. Right now I use Photoshop Elements 7 for editing, and while I am no where near knowing the ins and outs, I know I will need something more upgraded in the future to streamline my workflow. I am STILL working on getting proofs together for my parents shoot from last week, and the thing that is taking the most time is saving various versions, and making them uniform. If I could apply some changes in batches(like I hear you can in lightroom) I would have spent probably 2 hours less on it last night :(  Nonetheless, I am still very happy with the shots I have chosen for proofs(about 20 of the 160) and I can't wait for them to see my work!

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