31 Days of my XTi | Day 7 - Using a Remote

In order to get good use of your camera, you have to take some good pictures of yourself in my opinion. I am always the one behind the camera, and seldom get into shots. So I looked on ebay, one of my favorite places to find some things pretty cheap, and ordered a remote for my camera for about $3.50 (including shipping!). I was prepared for it to be a piece of garbage when it finally got here, but it works great! And I was finally able to get some decent shots of myself without as much running back and forth to look at the screen. It's very simple, no programming needed. You just push the self-control/timer button (second one down on the right side of the screen) and then the right arrow to the picture of the timer. If you don't have a remote you would just press the shutter and wait for the timer to time out to get a picture, but with the remote you just point it toward the sensor (left side of the camera when viewing from the front) and push the little button to your hearts content! I should probably also mention that the remote is good for avoiding camera shake when you are using a tripod with slow shutter speeds, but so far my selfies have been the most fun. ;) My hello picture to the right and my blogger profile picture are both results of the first day I tried it out. Go look it up, very inexpensive fix for those of us who always want more toys!

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