Crazy Days of Summer

This summer our days were way more lazy than crazy, and blowing bubbles was one of Maddie's favorite things to do.
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We're Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!

Hubs and some team members after a good play

Hubs has a long history with football....he played in high school(he was captain when we started dating <3) and college, and now he's doing something great for some little boys in our area by coaching the Braves!! I went to my first little league football game on Saturday, and it was so fun to see the boys playing their hearts out and calling "Coach Que". I have decided to invest in a telephoto attachment for one of my lenses as opposed to buying a telephoto lens($$$) or getting an adapter for the one that I have(no autofocus capability). Hopefully it will be here this week, as I have 2 shoots scheduled with people I am friends with so they won't mind me fiddling around with stuff.

On another photog biz related note...I am pretty excited about some prints I ordered from WHCC! I went on the I Heart Faces community boards and found a recommendation from a fellow photographer(ha! I have "fellow photographers"!!) that she loved them for printing her work. I went to their website and set up an account, which was super easy, and followed the link in my email to order 5 free 8x10 test prints. A few days later I got a package in the mail with my prints, which looked AWESOME, and a little pack of sample paper and a booklet about some of the choices they offer and prices. I will definitely be using them for my jobs!(BTW, I was not asked to mention them here or compensated for doing so, I am just so pleased with the service and prints so far).

My Own Shortcomings

One of my friends from kindergarten is getting married in October, and her bridal shower was this past weekend. My mom and I went together(her mom and mine are really good friends), and ended up having a really good time.
Here was my dilemma: I really didn't want to go. First, I'm just not social. As any of my close friends will say, I suck at maintaining relationships. I can go for months without talking to folks, but the ones that remain my best friends just answer when I finally call and tell me they still love me.
 Second is that she is a doctor, and she is marrying a doctor. Sounds like a "so what" type thing, but to me it's not. She and I started on the same path...played sports through school(she was a basketball and track all-star), got good grades, got accepted to U of M and were roommates freshman year. Here is where the paths diverged...she studied and stayed on a pre-med path, I socialized and dated and changed my major 3 times. Fast forward 10 years and we are where we are. I am not totally without anything to show, I have my B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature and all but the actual nursing courses done on the way to my BSN. I just felt...inadequate in comparison. I love my children and my husband and more days than not I am content with my life, and I realize that God doesn't make mistakes in His plan. For whatever reason I am in this particular path, and the journey is designed just this way to bring Him glory. But still...when I look at her I think, a lot, about where I would have been now if I had been more dedicated to school.  The way I imagine it I would still have my same kids and Hubs, but we would have buckets more money(probably not the case). About this point I realize I have conveniently "forgotten" that I decided to leave the pre-med track because being a doctor was not something I was at all passionate about. My friend on the other hand loves it, and is very passionate about changing our country's health care system.
Third: I was very nervous to be the frumpy mom of two friend at the shower, and as I suspected ALL of her other friends who were there looked like supermodels in their too-high-for-me stillettos and little party dresses. (Side Note to self: step it up for the wedding) I pretty much just hung with my mom until my friend got there(late to her own shower I might add LOL). When she did I was so glad I came, she was her usual self that I have loved for years.  Since I didn't know a lot of the girls she introduced me, and included that we've been friends since kindergarten which(intentional or no) made me feel like I was special to her.
I think the real reason I was feeling less than enthusiastic is that in confronting these feelings that were all about me, I was looking back on things I have done that I consider mistakes. I try not to do this since it doesn't change anything, but when I do I feel shame and disappointment in myself all over again. I prayed to be delivered from those feelings, and for the strength to forgive myself and be proud of the person I have become in spite of them.
So as I get ready to celebrate in her honor in a month or so, I try to remember that the choices I made are mine, and no amount of what if will change what is. When I play with my munchkins and kiss on my Hubs I find myself praying that one day my friend will be as happy with her own hubs and kiddos as I am, no matter what path we went to get there.

Wordless Wednesday (sort of...)

I've been working super hard on getting myself together to schedule some portfolio building sessions for the Biz...and by 'working super hard" I mean trying to find a minute here and there to actually think about it while savoring these last 2 weeks before my baby starts kindergarten. It's been a bit stressful, but happy to say I am still excited even while working out the details! Unfortunately I have not taken many pics this week, and the ones I have taken are still in the camera waiting to be liberated. So, these will have to do :)
Try as I might to get a good smiling pic of both of my kiddos, they thwart me at every turn.

This little guy just popped up in the front yard, and it made me reflect a little on how God is present in even the smallest of things...

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Following A Dream

It. Is. Official. I have committed to opening CandyAppleSmiles to more than just capturing my kids and family. I've been feeling that this is something I should do for a while, and after lots of talking with Hubs and praying for direction here I am! So I guess it's official in the sense that I have decided and committed, but I'm gonna be taking it slow for a bit since I am still learning lots about the business side of things. I am planning to try to do engagement, maternity, newborns, kids, family and senior portraits. I extended on my facebook page an invitation for a free session to get my portfolio going, and got an overwhelming response and lots of encouragement and "Finally"s. So in my "me" time (as in the moments where I ignore my name being called over and over again by MaddieBoo) I have been trying to research places to use for printing, as well as trying to find a place to do online proofing and galleries for  family members to purchase prints. This is daunting...mainly because I don't really know what I am looking for.  Even though that part is overwhelming, I am still so excited to get going!! I have tons of ideas for shots, and a few locations that I'm going to go and try out with the kids for lighting. If anyone who pops by has any suggestions to help me on my way I'd love to see a comment!
Here are some pics from this week that made me smile..
 Baby Que has mastered shutting the door on Mommy

 MaddieBoo has the most beautiful face I know

Taken with my vintage Vivitar 135mm(with EOS adapter ring), one of the few heads that have not been devoured by critters

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I Heart Faces- Eyes

Here's my take on the I Heart Faces Challenge this week-Eyes. It's my first time entering a photo with them, so excited to say I participated!

I am so in love with Rita from The CoffeeShop Blog right now, not only does she have actions that she created that are FREE, she has some tutorials on how to use them and lots of other fun tips and tricks!! I attempted to do justice with Perfect Portrait 2 on this one :)

Baby Que is 1!

 Better late than never.... Baby Que turned 1! This was his first cupcake, and he REALLY loved it...

and then, she {snapped}

I tried out a Coffee Shop action, Hot Cocoa 2, and joined in the linky party for show off your shot


Thought I'd try this out...

my gorgeous sunflowers that are alive despite my kill-thumb
that I should make MaddieBoo some lunch soon
my life.
that there is soooo much more to photo editing than I ever imagined. Just learned how to do textures today!
Pink tank and jean skirt, both from my fav Old Navy
an office in the back of the kids playroom so I don't have to use my laptop on the couch
to try take the kids to the park after lunch
Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward, it's number 5 in a series that has been pretty good so far
that my babies are seeing a good example of a woman of faith in their momma
MaddieBoo making different voices for her barbies
things need to be boxed up for the goodwill after the cleaning and organizing that happened this weekend
is watching my babies sleep
finish the crafts I have gotten all the supplies for, start my 30 day photo challenge, finish de-cluttering the house
taken with my "new" vintage vivitar 135mm lens, and "yesteryear" and "dream" textures from Kim Klassen

daybook inspired by SuperMom and High Heels 2 Flip Flops

Just A Fantasy

I am already slacking. When I started this blogging I imagined myself doing cutesy little posts like 2 or 3 times a day, and really being focused on documenting the things that I love about my SAHM life and these kids we are attempting to raise "right". Unfortunately, reality has stepped in and I have realized that my little blogging fantasies didn't account for the kids needing whatever they need RIGHT NOW and housework and park trips that preserve my sanity. However, I have committed to doing better. I am thinking that I will start a challenge for myself to take a picture of my kids every day for 30 days. May seem like a wimp of a start, but for me it will be challenging...and I can work up to the 365 thing.

I had been scouring ebay looking for a new(affordable) lens, and won a vintage vivitar 135mm that came with the EOS adapter ring for $30. It came in the mail on Friday, and before our weekend got too crazy I tried it out.
 MaddieBoo's Princess Scooter

Baby Que

These are SOOC, but so far I am happy with it. The adapter that came with it doesn't focus to infinity, so I may have to invest in a few of those if I am going to add more vintage lenses to my collection. The adapter I ordered for my Minolta 45mm is not here from China yet, but I am excited for it to get here!

My First Link Up!

SO excited to be participating in Sweet Shot Tuesday hosted by My 3 Boybarians! It's my first one, and she even had an easy to find and follow post about how to do the linkys since I am obviously new to this. ;) This is one of my faves from the weekend of my MaddieBoo.

Sweet Shot Day

Me Time...If I Must

MaddieBoo is off to have a fun-filled week with some relatives, and boy do I miss her something fierce! She just left yesterday evening so I am trying not to call her already, but it's a battle. That little girl brings more joy to my life than I would have ever imagined, even when she is tap-dancing on that last shred of nerve...So since I miss her so much I am looking over pictures of her and wanted to share one here.  The good part is that I am getting some much-needed work done around the house and with the business, and after doing that and chasing Baby Que I still have enough energy to work on my many draft posts!

Seriously, I miss her face!!
And one of my two favorite guys. :)

Happy Monday!!