31 Days of my XTi | Day 3 - Shutter Priority

Welcome to Day 3! The last post introduced creative modes and I talked about Program(P) mode.  After writing that post I read online that someone said "Use P when the moment controls you, use M/Av/Tv when you control the moment". I think that's a sound piece of advice...

Next up is Tv: Shutter Priority. I use this occasionally since I learned what it does, and it is best used when you want to control the motion in your shot and not fuss too much with aperture. If you know you want to freeze an action crisply, set the priority to a fast shutter speed by turning the wheel. If you want to blur motion set it to a slow shutter speed. Since water is readily available to me, I'll use that for an example. BTW-both are SOOC, just sharpened and saved for the web.
This one was taken at 1/1000 f 3.5

This one was taken at 1/15 and f 20(steadied on the counter ledge)
The first one taken with a higher shutter speed "froze" the motion of the water, you can see ripples there. The second one blurred the motion of the water, it looks smooth like ice.

If you have any questions or helpful tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments!

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Michele said...

this is awesome! Never thought to mess around with the shutter speed. So much to do - cameras are incredible.

xoxo michele

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