31 Days of my XTi | Day 1 - Dioptric Adjuster

I bought my Canon XTi in March of this year, and I love LOVE it. I was given a Canon powershot SX20 IS for Christmas, and got such great shots of the kids! I already knew quite a bit about photography(I had a 35mm SLR a few years ago), and I absolutely love bokeh so to widen my options I upgraded. Turns out I can actually do manual on the SX, but the push button lens control just doesn't do the trick.
My XTi (with the 28-80mm lens)

So let's start this thing off. I am by no means any sort of expert, so let me just say I am simply posting things I learn that help me use my camera better, and not in any particular order. Anything that is posted by me is subject to not be the best/only way to do it, and if you have a better/more efficient helpful hint, please share! I decided to do this 31 day project because I am in the portfolio building stage of my business, and this is relevant to my everyday life so I'm more likely to actually stick with it.
So for Day one, here's a super basic thing that has helped me a lot...the dioptric adjuster. I wear glasses, and what a pain in the butt to keep bumping my eye against my glasses lens against the viewfinder. Roll it up and down, and presto, I can see what I'm shooting without glasses!

Keep an eye out for day 2: Creative mode overview

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