I have been kind of lazily looking for a job the past few months, mainly because I don't want to go back to work full time.  However, I do need to establish something for when I go back to school because then I have to work for experience and to help with bills since hubs won't be able to work quite as much.
Well I finally got in at a large hospital system that I've been applying to on and off for like 6 years! Can I just say that now that I've been offered a position 4 other departments have called me to interview with them in the last week?? I haven't had this many calls from them in the past 6 years combined. I am so excited though! The position that I am accepting has EXCELLENT benefits, the hours are great, and it's not too far from home. The only thing that is sad for me is that I won't be with my kiddos as much, but I feel like I need to go back and keep my skills current before I start nursing school next year. So I suppose it's bittersweet...the financial stuff is great, the emotional stuff makes me sad. We'll see, I just keep reminding myself it's not like I'm signing a contract, if I miss my babies too much I can always go back to total SAHM-ing.
On the other hand I'm excited to go to work...to talk to other adults on a regular basis, and to be doing work (outside of my home) that is meaningful to me.
Any thoughts or wise words for managing working full time with 2 kiddos? I could use some pointers...

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