Taking a Different Approach...

Things around here are tight financially. By tight I mean TIGHT. The last few days I haven't been smiling a lot, or doing extra fun things with my kids because I'm stressed. Hubs brought to my attention that I shouldn't worry so much, and that got me thinking. So instead of griping about what I think I need but don't have, I decided to take a different approach and remember why even in times of lack I am blessed beyond measure.

My Children. Really enough said, but they are healthy and happy and make me feel like supermom.

First day of kindergarten!!

I love his smiles!

Hubs. He keeps me grounded and makes me smile, he compliments my neurosis with calm laid back charm..and he's HOT :)

No matter how bad I think things are, I must not forget that there is someone worse off than me. There is someone who is homeless, who has NO income, who is truly hungry(not just eating something that isn't their favorite meal), who is grieving the loss of a loved one...and now I can take a deep breath and smile through my circumstances because God is good.

and then, she {snapped}

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Ellie A. said...

Oh yes I completely agree hey Great Mama minds think alight! your Babies are so sweet :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

rachel said...

so true! thank you so much for showing off your shot this week!

my oh my ellie said...

follow back at www.ellienoelle.blogspot.com

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