Sweat at least...

They say blood, sweat, and tears go into a dream....well at least sweat does in this case. And back pain. But I am working on a website for my business(another blog format for now). Which should be up and running by friday-let's make that monday. I'm so excited, I have awesome family and friends who are encouraging me and referring potential clients. Right now the main thing is just getting set up and doing the not so fun part-government paperwork, contracts, pricing, etc. BUT once it's done only improvements to be made from here on out. Any passersby have any suggestions for a newbie business owner? I am looking into online proofing, I think that is where I have the most trouble. I am using whcc.com, and want to be able to set my own prices and order prints  myself through them.  Really, any tips on anything would be much appreciated :)

Here's my contribution for Texture Thursday, my favorite breakfast :)

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