I'm a Crocheting Fool!

For a while I have had a basket full of different yarns and knitting needles and crochet hooks(inherited from my mom when she was cleaning house), and it has been gathering dust. I was on Pinterest yet again and found a FREE pattern for a slouchy hat, which I have been looking for to buy(but not for $30) since I started transitioning my hair. It was super cute in the picture, and I thought "I can do that!". So I read through the pattern, looked up how to do stitches on YouTube (btw here's a really good tutorial series for beginners) and went mad. Apparently I wasn't as boss at crocheting as I thought I was initially, because I got about 3/4 done before I realized that my creation was not about to be a hat anyone with a head smaller than Shrek could wear. Then I decided to click the FAQs for the pattern, and low and behold that was where all of the answers were! If only I had read through them first...but anyway I unwound the whole thing and started over, and here's where I am so far.

 Now I think I ROCK at this! Look out friends and fam, crocheted items may be in your Christmas future :) After I finish this one I think I may buy 2 of Julies patterns I saw for other hats, they are super cute.

And of course, just because no post is really complete until I have put at least one of my lovies faces on it, here's one of Baby Que dressed for church Sunday after the Wolverines pulled it out!! Hail to the Victors!

and then, she {snapped}

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