Cloth Diapers

I follow a blog called Letters to Ames, and recently Rachael has been talking about cloth diapering, and how she manages it with three littles in diapers. I was thinking for a while about trying this with Baby Que, but I must admit I've been lazy about it. The idea of scraping poop off of cloth diapers had me grossed out, but lately I've been realizing that even with disposable diapers I often still get poop on me, so what's the difference? So I got out the cloth diapers I got at his baby shower and ordered a set of 6 Dappi Diaper Covers from ebay, and this week is the beginning of the experiment. I am keeping some disposables on hand just in case I feel like I can't do it anymore, but I have high hopes for the money that we'll save!

Okay...I started writing this post yesterday and today has been our first clothy try. Can I just put out there that I am not nearly as boss as I thought I would be with this?? First clothy on at 8:33am, first poop in a clothy at 8:34am. I figured I would put him in the thing and have a few hours to get my setup worked out. Apparently NOT. I'm on my way to it, but boy do I feel like I overestimated myself right now...but Baby Que does look cute in his little getup :). And unfortunately I can't even say that he usually wears clothes because the truth is, well, he doesn't at home especially in the summer...he likes being nekked, and I like doing less laundry since he doesn't dirty up 3 outfits a day.

and then, she {snapped}

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DaMora said...

Love a babies naked back and a diaper. So precious.

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