We're Ready For Some FOOTBALL!!!

Hubs and some team members after a good play

Hubs has a long history with football....he played in high school(he was captain when we started dating <3) and college, and now he's doing something great for some little boys in our area by coaching the Braves!! I went to my first little league football game on Saturday, and it was so fun to see the boys playing their hearts out and calling "Coach Que". I have decided to invest in a telephoto attachment for one of my lenses as opposed to buying a telephoto lens($$$) or getting an adapter for the one that I have(no autofocus capability). Hopefully it will be here this week, as I have 2 shoots scheduled with people I am friends with so they won't mind me fiddling around with stuff.

On another photog biz related note...I am pretty excited about some prints I ordered from WHCC! I went on the I Heart Faces community boards and found a recommendation from a fellow photographer(ha! I have "fellow photographers"!!) that she loved them for printing her work. I went to their website and set up an account, which was super easy, and followed the link in my email to order 5 free 8x10 test prints. A few days later I got a package in the mail with my prints, which looked AWESOME, and a little pack of sample paper and a booklet about some of the choices they offer and prices. I will definitely be using them for my jobs!(BTW, I was not asked to mention them here or compensated for doing so, I am just so pleased with the service and prints so far).

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