Thought I'd try this out...

my gorgeous sunflowers that are alive despite my kill-thumb
that I should make MaddieBoo some lunch soon
my life.
that there is soooo much more to photo editing than I ever imagined. Just learned how to do textures today!
Pink tank and jean skirt, both from my fav Old Navy
an office in the back of the kids playroom so I don't have to use my laptop on the couch
to try take the kids to the park after lunch
Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward, it's number 5 in a series that has been pretty good so far
that my babies are seeing a good example of a woman of faith in their momma
MaddieBoo making different voices for her barbies
things need to be boxed up for the goodwill after the cleaning and organizing that happened this weekend
is watching my babies sleep
finish the crafts I have gotten all the supplies for, start my 30 day photo challenge, finish de-cluttering the house
taken with my "new" vintage vivitar 135mm lens, and "yesteryear" and "dream" textures from Kim Klassen

daybook inspired by SuperMom and High Heels 2 Flip Flops

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