Following A Dream

It. Is. Official. I have committed to opening CandyAppleSmiles to more than just capturing my kids and family. I've been feeling that this is something I should do for a while, and after lots of talking with Hubs and praying for direction here I am! So I guess it's official in the sense that I have decided and committed, but I'm gonna be taking it slow for a bit since I am still learning lots about the business side of things. I am planning to try to do engagement, maternity, newborns, kids, family and senior portraits. I extended on my facebook page an invitation for a free session to get my portfolio going, and got an overwhelming response and lots of encouragement and "Finally"s. So in my "me" time (as in the moments where I ignore my name being called over and over again by MaddieBoo) I have been trying to research places to use for printing, as well as trying to find a place to do online proofing and galleries for  family members to purchase prints. This is daunting...mainly because I don't really know what I am looking for.  Even though that part is overwhelming, I am still so excited to get going!! I have tons of ideas for shots, and a few locations that I'm going to go and try out with the kids for lighting. If anyone who pops by has any suggestions to help me on my way I'd love to see a comment!
Here are some pics from this week that made me smile..
 Baby Que has mastered shutting the door on Mommy

 MaddieBoo has the most beautiful face I know

Taken with my vintage Vivitar 135mm(with EOS adapter ring), one of the few heads that have not been devoured by critters

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highheels2flipflops said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your new adventure! I am sure you will do really well! Those images are darling of your sweet little ones. You captured them in their own kiddie state and I love that! Thank you SO much for linking up! I hope to see you more often! xoxo

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