Just A Fantasy

I am already slacking. When I started this blogging I imagined myself doing cutesy little posts like 2 or 3 times a day, and really being focused on documenting the things that I love about my SAHM life and these kids we are attempting to raise "right". Unfortunately, reality has stepped in and I have realized that my little blogging fantasies didn't account for the kids needing whatever they need RIGHT NOW and housework and park trips that preserve my sanity. However, I have committed to doing better. I am thinking that I will start a challenge for myself to take a picture of my kids every day for 30 days. May seem like a wimp of a start, but for me it will be challenging...and I can work up to the 365 thing.

I had been scouring ebay looking for a new(affordable) lens, and won a vintage vivitar 135mm that came with the EOS adapter ring for $30. It came in the mail on Friday, and before our weekend got too crazy I tried it out.
 MaddieBoo's Princess Scooter

Baby Que

These are SOOC, but so far I am happy with it. The adapter that came with it doesn't focus to infinity, so I may have to invest in a few of those if I am going to add more vintage lenses to my collection. The adapter I ordered for my Minolta 45mm is not here from China yet, but I am excited for it to get here!

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