Only One Resolution

2012 holds big things for our family: school for me, possible job changes for hubs..and in addition to all of this I am going to undertake a project. I'm calling it one resolution, but it has multiple parts. I'm definitely doing a 365 this year, and at the end of the year I'm going to make a book. I was looking back on the pics I took this year of my kiddos, and it is a sad state around here. There are a couple of months that I didn't take any pictures!! Especially shameful since my son is growing so fast...he's 17 months and wearing a 3T and size 8 shoes!!
So the 365 includes:
1.) taking a picture everyday for the whole year and keeping them organized well
2.) Blogging about it!
3.) Making sure that I am actually in at least one pic a month
4.) At least one pic a month of a craft I am working on/have finished

This past week has been heaven, Hubs was on vacation so I got to sleep in and have breakfast in bed. With all the time I had to rest and recharge between shifts I had time to just thank God for such an awesome husband. It was his vacation too, and he did everything I asked(and didn't ask) without complaining.
 The kids had an awesome Christmas, and we hosted dinner at our house so I didn't have to cart the kids and watch the clock on Christmas day. Tomorrow morning we go back to reality: up around 7am and work in the afternoon. However, I am going to buy lightroom 3 and the humongo class in a book and start playing. I know I've been talking about getting it for a while and haven't, but I just found out I get a SWEET discount through the University so I really have no choice now.

This year I have decided, while not an official resolution, to let some things go. I feel like I always have too much to do: things to buy, crafts to do, cleaning, and now added schoolwork....I am going to make an effort to stress as little as possible. This year my house will not be constantly spotless, my kids will watch more TV than I like(still not spongebob though), my craft board on pinterest will continue to grow with things I hope to one day do, and I will have to make a list of books I want to read and save it for spring break. This year begins my journey into my career, time for me to truly grow up and become who I know I am called to be...and in that growing up realize that some things will have to be put to the side for a while so that our family can reach it's full potential. MaddieBoo already tells anyone who will listen that her mommy is in nursing school, and the pride in her voice when she says it is so much motivation for me to get this thing going already!  This year begins my journey into becoming a person that my children will be proud of, and that I will be proud of too.

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Poppy said...

Sounds lovely CandyApple - I'm excited and can't wait to follow and see! /hugs -- Happy New Year girlfriend!

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