Just Breathe

Just breathe is my new mantra lately....what the heck was I thinking going to school and working full time with 2 kids??? Oh yeah, I was thinking about having a satisfying career and getting paid more to work less. I keep reminding myself of this when I don't want to study, or go to class, or leave my sweet little ones who don't really understand why I went from stay at home to always gone mom. Seriously, some people that know what is going on ask me if I'm crazy to have all this on my plate...not encouraging folks. Maybe I am crazy, but I have an awesome Hubs that supports me and encourages me to keep going everyday...sometimes when I pray I throw in an extra "you go boy" to God for making someone so perfect for me. :)
On another note, I am keeping(mostly) up with my resolution to take a photo everyday-made much easier by figuring out how to get pics off of my phone! Once I get some sort of organization to the mass of photos I am uploading I'll dump them in here.
Also, I've been crafting as much as possible, knocking some things off of my Craftyness to do list! Currently I'm working on this but in chocolate, cream, and dark red. I'm pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to adjust the pattern for a more comfy wrap-around size. :) Once it's done I'll put up how I did that too.
So lots of things on my plate, but I'm definitely still making it!

This one is from the fall, I love her face :)

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