Easy Crochet Hat

The past month or so I have been on a forced internet fast. Well, not totally, but I spend maybe an hour every couple of days instead of a couple of hours everyday. As a result, my husband is a much happier guy and I spend more time with my kids (and not wishing I was asleep because I was on the computer all night). However, I have still been getting crafty, and whipping up stuff I pinned over the summer on Pinterest. I was trying to find something easy to make for stocking stuffers for my kiddos, and maybe some homemade gifts (if I can manage that many) so I tried my hand at this:
I found the pattern for the hat on Pinterest, but here is the direct link to her blog.

This one came from here, I just made the flower part of the headband

It came out awesome!! The only downside is that I attempted to make a slouchy hat (posted about it here) a while back, and with this coming out great I now know that one was all wrong...so I may try it again.
Here's my next project:

I'd like to put bigger flowers on my future hats, and this one should be about the size of my whole palm where the purple one is a little smaller.  Since I have started learning to crochet and I'm getting better at it I may take some time to come up with my own patterns for hats and flowers. If I do, I'll be sure to post them here :)

Happy Thursday, and here's to a crafty weekend!!

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Poppy said...

Looks GREAT CandyApple! I too am still having to ban myself from the internet, at least until Christmas... I have so many crafty projects to finish up, etc. It's not too bad if you don't think about all that you're "missing", LOL! ((hugs))

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