Top Coat worth spending $$ on!!

I don't do product reviews since this is more of a journal for me, but I had to share this top coat that is changing my manicure world right now. And I guess in a way that's a big thing that makes sense to "journal" about, right?
Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Ultra Wear Top Coat

It's Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Topcoat. This stuff is AWESOME!!! I rarely keep nail polish on because it's such a waste of time for me, it's usually chipped by the end of the day. If I wanted to wear some I had to put it on after I took a shower and not get my hands too wet(no dishes or cleaning). I have tried numerous topcoats, basecoats, different brands of polish, and nothing has ever stayed on more than 24 hours(except Shellac, but that's a little expensive for me on a regular basis).
I picked this stuff up while wandering through Wal-Mart, and it was $6.97. Unfortunately I threw away the box after I knew it was a keeper, so I can't tell you what the special ingredients are supposed to be. It does claim to keep a chip-free manicure for up to 10 days, and I am on day 3 with only 1 chip because my nail broke :(

So far, I love love this stuff!!

This post was not sponsored or paid in any way, I bought the polish and am giving my honest personal opinion on it.

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heather said...

I swear by the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. I tried it because someone recommended it on their blog and fell in love! One coat, no base coat or top coat and it lasts forever!

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