A New Thing

A good friend of mine asked me to participate in a new thing on her friends blog, it's called Snapshots from a Sunday. What a neat idea, and something super easy for me to get back into the blogging swing. People volunteer for an hour of time on Sunday, take a picture during that hour and then send it to Cari. She combines them into a timeline, and there you have it! I picked 4am(eek!) really because I knew I would be up then, that's about the time I get home from work. I was envisioning taking some gorgeous shot of my kids sleeping with the night-light glow, or my quiet clean house....well that didn't happen. The kids were not sleeping peacefully, I was extremely tired after a rough night, and of course the house was not even a little clean. I usually come home and go into the office to wind down after work, read my fav blogs, surf pinterest, do some editing-all I saw was clutter. My desk is a mess, the kids toys have migrated into my office in droves, in short I was overwhelmed and too tired to do a dang thing about it at 4. So I took these and went to bed.

 The kids play in here when I am working so I can keep an eye out, but looks like these guys forgot to go home
Reminded me of a scary movie while I was looking up at it this morning, I guess not so much now :/

 Not my original plan, but interestingly enough an accurate depiction of how I was feeling this morning.
I seriously think I have a problem, I can't really relax in my house unless it's clean. There is probably some real disorder named clutterastressaphobia or something...this morning was the first time in years, maybe ever actually, that I just went to bed without attempting to straighten up or do dishes. I blame the intense fatigue that has been hanging on my back for the previous 5 nights...but it's almost over. Then I can get my house back in order....really though, who get excited about uninterrupted cleaning time?

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