Been gone a while

I've been gone a while, but it's been good. Many awesome things are happening around here, one being the new J-O-B that I love! Most recently, as in like 2 days ago, I got my invitation to start nursing school in January!! So excited!!!! I've been waiting for this for a loooong time, and for it to finally be right around the corner is just unreal.  So as you can imagine, our house has been upside down with trying to get into a routine with the new job hours, and it's going to get even crazier with my school schedule in the mix too. I have barely been able to turn on the computer, much less spend any un-interrupted time on here to get a post finished...or even started for that matter. I may look into the email posting since I have a smartphone and lots of time on my hands at work....anyone tried that before? I've only heard of it, so if it's difficult it most likely won't make it with me.
Even though I've been slacking on my blog I've still been reading my favorites on my phone everyday, and boy does Mandey have some gorgeous boys! I wish that my hair was even half as curly as those cutie pies...
I've also still been taking lots of pictures, experimenting with the camera and trying to get some pictures of the kiddos together and smiling-this is proving to be a bigger challenge than I originally anticipated. They usually end up looking a lot like this one from last night:
I love my little punkin, but he looks a tad scary in this picture. He smiles and giggles at the camera, and somewhere between when I press the shutter and the picture comes up on the screen he manages to make this face. Almost every time.
So until "we" can do better I'll have these cuties side by side on my desk:

BTW, my obsession with pinterest has not cooled even though I have less time for it lately, I've been finding and trying some great recipes and crafts from there so I'll be doing some short posts on those to pass along. If I can do it with the craziness at our house right now I'm sure anyone can!

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