Recycled Camera Lenses

I am a subscriber to MANY blogs, most of them to do with photography. I was reading a post by Mom Tried It about how she got some macro lense attachments for cheap on ebay instead of buying new lenses, and I got to looking cuz that seemed like an awesome idea(and a big money saver since I want to continue to be a stay-at-home). Then I was reading a post from Photojojo and ran across this little gem "Better lenses for less money: how to use vintage lenses with your dslr". The title is pretty self explanatory I guess, so why was I SUPER excited? Because I have a bag full of vintage camera stuff that I was getting ready to look into putting on Ebay. By vintage I mean 30 years old, at least. My dad thought he was going to get into photography at some point in the distant past, and fortunately for me he decided to buy everything he thought he would need at once instead of easing into it gently. So I have a lot of stuff that is barely used, including 3 manual focus lenses, one of which is a 50mm. I have been literally drooling over them on ebay for weeks, only to find I have one! So instead of getting one for around $100, I need an adapter ring that costs around $30. Yay! I have been trying to find out why everyone isn't doing this, since manual focus lenses can be found for cheap on ebay too, and the biggest thing I saw complained about is that you have to manually focus. Um, duh. I was thinking, "What's the big deal?" Since my lense is always on manual, I think I am pretty used to it. At any rate, in about 2 weeks(the adapters are mostly all from China) I will be able to do a more indepth post on my photographic dinosaurs re-purposed little treasures :)

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